The Push to November

As the playoffs expand, the World Series gets deeper in the year

With the Mets first win last night, the World Series will definitely end in November. It's starting to feel familiar. This will be the fourth time the Series will end in November. Unlike the first November ends, the expansion of the season is the sole reason, and something we should get used to.

Major League Baseball brands the playoffs as October. Not just on screen, but they even sell merchandise with "October Baseball" and "This is our October" written on t-shirts. Get yours at a discount today.

With the wild card play-in game and without some sweeps in the first couple of rounds, we'll likely see more and more November series. Your team may make October, but November is where it's at.

I compiled the dates of the last games of the World Series from the start of the National League-American League matchup in 1903 to today.

I lopped off the September 11 end date due to World War I (noted below) for a nicer viewing chart. The end dates are noted by color. So all wins ending 1968 and sooner are blue, 1969 to 1985 are green, 1986 to 1993 are yellow and everything more recent is orange. These are the most important dates related to changes in the playoff system, and they clearly correlate to later times in the year.

If you're a baseball lover, it's just more baseball. But it might seem funny to see snow out on the diamond.

At least the Fall Classic is still played in the fall.

Notable date-related dates

World Series begins.
Games in a season increased to 154 from 140, but no World Series was played.
Due to rain there was a week between games 3 and 4.
the season was ended early on September 1st due to World War I. The World Series started on Sept. 5.
140 games were played in the season. The season reverted to 154 in 1920.
Games played during the regular season increased to 162.
The League Championship Series is created, a playoff round before the World Series. It is a best-of-five series.
There was a players’ strike from June 12 to August 8.
The League Championship Series is expanded to a best-of-seven series.
There was a 12-day delay due to an earthquake in the Bay Area.
Each league expands and splits into three divisions. A new playoff round is added. It is a best-of-five series. Due to a strike, the playoffs and World Series would not be played for the first time since 1904. The new format was used in 1995.
Due to the September 11 attacks, the season was postponed for a week.
The World Baseball Classic delayed the start of the season, leading to a late World Series start.
A one-game wild card playoff game was added before the three rounds of playoffs.